The philosophy of David Andreu’s golf school involves eliminating excessive technicalities and simplifying the understanding of the golf swing, through simple didactic exercises and learning tests that unconsciously stimulate tenacity, skill, control, etc. from the student.

The initial objective of the ‘David Andreu Golf School’ is for the student to feel comfortable internalizing the knowledge, almost unconsciously, in a first contact. From that moment on, different levels of learning and improvement are modulated. Access to the school is easy. This has different types of courses, whether individual or group; for beginners or already initiated.

Since everyone is unique and different, no two golf swings are the same.

Every golfer’s swing has specific strengths and weaknesses. To make my instructions most effective, I take into consideration your body type, personality, learning style, skill level, and goals. From the average golfer to the PGA Tour player, my teaching style and philosophy are the same. I find the biggest strength in your golf swing to build on, and I identify and change the biggest weakness in your swing that limits your success.

To help you improve your game and reduce your errors, I’ve tackled the full swing, short game, putting, practice routines, course management, and the mental aspect of the game. From my personal experience, I am confident that you will see progress and results in your first lesson.

My strengths as an instructor are my general knowledge of the game and its technical aspects, my gaming experience, my ability to communicate and be patient and understanding during each player’s personal learning and development experience. I take pride in being able to teach complex concepts in a simple way.

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